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Welcome to Blossom Business Consulting!

You want to connect with your customers, partners, internal teams, suppliers. Clear, straightforward, messaging that may manifest in words, pictures, video, sound, or other human experience.
Blossom Business Consulting can help.

Together, we can brainstorm your business strategy at the start of major decisions, product launches, events and more. Let's craft a consistent message for your product, service or organization that gets the results you want. Blossom can help you create high-quality supporting material for your customers or clients, sales teams, trade shows, public relations, product/service launches and internal or public Web site(s).

What we do:
    • -- Business (or other organization) strategy and marketing campaign plans
    • -- Messaging frameworks for customers, partners, sales teams, etc.
    • -- Print, video, audio and online communications
    • -- Proofreading including branding, message and tone
    • -- Coordinate communications-related projects